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Thank you for all that you have done. You have given me a great smile.  It was my pleasure to put this review on Yelp, Health Grades and Doctor-Oogle. I will not hesitate to recommend you highly.  (If you opened an office in Bowie, MD, I would be really happy -- smile.) 

Dental work is no picnic, but we all must go sooner or later. I have been going to Dr. Ahmad Soolari for a few years now and I still feel as I felt after my first visit -- that he is the BEST Periodontist. He is extremely thorough with his examinations (tooth by tooth) and explains very clearly what he recommends for the best short and long-term outcome for your dental health. He is extremely knowledgeable and works as a team with his staff. Aside from my irrational fear of needles, I really experience no pain after my procedures. He also consults and coordinates my treatment with my dentist before and after my visits. I like that they have a very flexible schedule for appointments and his staff is knowledgeable about what the procedures will entail and takes care of insurance issues as well as putting in necessary prescriptions in advance, if necessary. I couldn't ask for a more caring, professional, excellent team. I recommend Dr. Soolari (and his staff) very highly.

Rating: Very competent, friendly and thorough staff. Explains the condition of each tooth.

About Front Desk: Dr. Soolari has the BEST team! They are courteous, friendly and knowledgeable about your treatment and costs associated with it. They all work closely together with Dr. Soolari from start to finish. 

Treatment Length with Dr. Soolari: 4 years

Pamela Davis

The Soolari Dentistry Program includes Dr. Soolari himself, his associated professionals, and ALL accompanying staff members, constiture the very BEST in all levels of dental services. The entire team is competent, effective, efficient and personable. In my years of obtaining dental care in several different countries, there's been no service to compare with that provided by Dr. Soolari and his staff. No sane person looks forward to visiting any dentist. With the Soolari team, I do look forward to my dental visits, regardless of the procedure to be done. Any client or patient who may choose to verify my endorsement of this professional is welcome to personally speak with me.

Dr. Ivan L. King               

(Patient since 2014)

Joseph Zelig, DDS, D.ABP

Question - Is there some way to find out who is the best periodontist in my area?

Answer - Hi, The best way to find a great periodontist is word of mouth. speak to friends who have had work done and ask them about their experiences. Also speak to other dentists. The problem with going to the "most popular" or "most expensive " periodontist is that their work is not necessarily superb. You can also check www.perio.org for a list of periodontists in your area. I would recommend going to a board-certified periodontist, but then again that doesn't always mean they are excellent. I'll admit, it's a tough one, but I hope this helps. If you let me know where you are, i may know someone in your area. Let me Know.

Question - I live in Gaithersburg, Maryland.

Answer - Hi, Go see a periodontist by the name of: Ahmad Soolari 11616 Toulone Dr Potomac, MD 20854-3167 Phone: (301) 299-6664 I have never met him personally, but I work in a dental practice where he used to work. I have seen his work and I am impressed with his knowledge, skill and thoroughness. He is board-certified and is also an examiner for the board exam. Very impressive fellow. Let me know how it goes.

Best of Luck, Joseph Zelig, DDS

I would like to thank you for a truly exceptional patient care experience.  When I first contacted you about a year ago for the gum tissue gradting procedure, I had a lot of trepidation about the procedure, I could not be happier.  Because of your expert surgical skill and compassionate after-care, my graft looks and feels great.  I would highly recommend you and your extremely helpful office staff to anyone in need of first-rate periodontic care.  I wish you much success.

Warmest thanks,
Todd Templeman M.D.

I have been extremely impressed with Dr. Soolari’s approach to practice.  He is thoughtful, up to speed on the most recent research literature, and highly skilled in his technique.  As a clinical psychologist I appreciate the anxiety and stress that periodontal care may create.  Dr. Soolari and his staff do their best to support the patient through the process which makes the procedures much less anxiety provoking for the patient.  I completely recommend this practice to prospective patients.

- Dr. David Jobes, Ph.D.

Dr. Ahmad Soolari and his associates provided me with exemplary care: the medical outcome was excellent and follow-up during the several weeks of recovery was highly attentive and productive. I cannot imagine a higher standard of professionalism. Dr. Soolari enjoys my complete confidence.

- Dr. John Sumida
 Associate Professor, University of Maryland

I couldn’t be more pleased with the treatment which I have received from Dr. Soolari. He has a gentle easy-going manner which is very reassuring to the patient. Also, he is willing to take the time to answer questions and clearly explains procedures and options. He has worked very closely with my dentist to ensure a successful outcome for my treatment. I recommend him with great confidence and enthusiasm. 

Mark Churchwell 

My dentist has been trying for over ten years to get me to see a specialist for periodontal disease. Knowing what is involved in the treatment of this disease, I have always refused to have it done. After my last set of x-rays, it was clear to me that I was going to start losing teeth if I didn't get the necessary treatment. I finally said yes. My dentist then introduced me to Dr. Soolari. After Dr. Soolari's thorough examination of my teeth, gums and bone, he recommended a plan for all four quarters of my mouth. As the time of my first session approached, I can't begin to express my level of anxiety, even though I had complete faith in Dr. Soolari's assurance that everything would be fine and that there should be no real pain. I had triple-bypass surgery ten years ago and I can honestly say I had less anxiety the night before that surgery than I did before my first treatment by Dr. Soolari. What a lot of wasted worry! In two sessions, Dr. Soolari has completed the upper half of my mouth and to me the results have been great! There has been no pain whatsoever during the entire process. As we begin work on the bottom half, I actually look forward to going into his office for the remaining treatments. His entire staff is so friendly that you feel like a member of their families. As for Dr. Soolari, I can't overstate what a great Doctor he is and I highly recommend him to anyone needing his services!

- Rudolph F. Palmer

I have had periodontal Disease since at least 10 years ago. Through all these past years have been seen by several Periodontitis from the Midwest through Washington D.C. Dr. Soolari started an aggressive treatment to control my Periodontal Disease, Including deep cleaning and several surgeries. I can only praise Dr. Soolari; He is not only a super Surgeon but also communicates extremely well with his patients. He does not hesitate in taking the time explaining particular complications or health issues. Dr. Soolari staff is extremely helpful and friendly. I plan to continue Dr. Soolari for my periodontal treatments. I strongly recommend Dr. Soolari to any individual affected by Periodontal Disease. I will rank Dr. Soolari at the top of Specialists I have seen.

- Manuel Moro, Clarksburg, Md

During my life I had several Doctors and Dentists. Unfortunately, I had to switch some of them, because I was not happy with the office personnel and the way they handled me as a client and patient. Some other times, was the doctor who made me go somewhere else, because he-she rushed with my case and treatment. Finally, I found Dr. A. Soolari, a complete professional, gentle man; he has a very efficient office. I recommend him in all aspects of his professions.

- Elsa L. Strohecker, Silver Spring, Md

I have always found the staff to be friendly and truthful. Dr. Soolari is very professional and an effective practitioner. I feel confident having them take care of me."

- D. Joy Mora, Rockville, Md

I'm very happy with the services provided by Dr. Soolari and the staff was great and concerned about my care. I recommend Dr. Soolari for any periodontal needs.

- Lynee Morgan, Silver Spring, Md

I live in the Bethesda, MD area. My smile has never been perfect! It was Dr. Soolari's reputation in the dental field, his expertise and sill set in periodontal disease that made me see him as a patient. He did not make me feel bad for staying away from the dentist. I am being seen regularly at Dr. Soolari's office.

- Niranjan Reguejo, Silver Spring, Md

I had high anxiety about my procedure & Dr. Soolari was very informative and calming to me. He is highly skilled and friendly. The staff is incredible, also very friendly and helpful."

- Sara Marcell, Beltsville, Md

I could not be more pleased with my Crown Lengthening procedure care of Dr. Soolari! He was extremely helpful in explanting the procedure beforehand and answering all of my questions. His assistants were very kind to me and supportive. When the procedure day rolled around, Dr. Soolari put me right at ease. The procedure itself went smoothly and without any problems. By far the best part for me is that I experienced absolutely NO pain! I did not need to take any pain medication. Thank you, Dr. Soolari, for a job very well done!"

- Glenn Phillips, Hanover, Md

Dr. Soolari and his staff are wonderful. Very professional and extremely gently and kind. Very supportive. Dr. Soolari is a top professional."

- Carla Perlo, Takoma Park, Md

No one looks forward to oral surgery, including me. However, Dr. Soolari made the experiences much easier to endure. His gentle touch and soothing demeanor were very welcome. The pain associated with oral surgery was an absolute minimum. The office staff is equally helpful and supportive. I strongly recommend Dr. Soolari and his staff if you need oral surgery.

- James Hoskinson

During my first appointment with Dr. Soolari I was informed that I would need my tooth extracted with an implant to follow. When I came for the next appt. to pull the tooth, Dr. Soolari worked very hard for over an hour & a half to save that tooth and give me hopefully, several more years. The staff is wonderful, Dr. Soolari is wonderful and Waverly is wonderful. (She cleaned my teeth on a subsequent visit). Dr. Soolari is now my permanent periodontist and I recommend him highly.

- Barry Holober

I was very anxious about my procedure. Dr. Soolari and his entire staff were very patient and understanding. He had a very calm demeanor and this helped me to feel at ease. He was very thorough in explaining everything to me and patient with all of my questions. The procedure went well and the staff continued to check in on me to see how I was doing. I highly recommend Dr. Soolari.

- Laura Bookman

I felt comfortable from the first time I came into Dr. Soolari’s office. The atmosphere is caring and easy to feel comfortable in. His staff is efficient and friendly. The examining rooms, outer office and restrooms are immaculate. I will recommend Dr. Soolari to all my friends and family. Dr. Soolari and the assistants who worked on me are gentle, kind and competent.

- Pauline Thompson

I had an extraction and preparation for a tooth implant.  The procedure went well and everyone was professional and efficient.  I like how the procedure was explained during each step.  The novacaine worked well!  Dr. Soolari and his assistants make a good team.  Thank you.

- John Olow

Upon entering the office for my appointment I am greeted by smiling staff member behind a counter sunlit by the front window.  Soon after being seated I am taken toward the examining room by the assistant, down the hallway past wooden wall-hangings of painted scenes from nature.  I comfortably recline in front of a long window overlooking a cityscape below and the sky above.  The doctor arrives, smiling, and explains the upcoming procedure.  The patient feels well-attended and more relaxed.  

- Ms. Segar Guy

My dentist referred me to Dr. Soolari for a bone graft and possible tooth implant.  I was very apprehensive, fearing painful procedures and long healing.  Dr Soolari’s personal + professional traits disarmed my fears.  As the diagnosis and treatments proceeded I was amazed at the combination of skill, artistry, and personal care that made me very happy with the outcome.

- Duncan McIntosh

Dr. Soolari and staff are the warmest people.  They make you feel welcomed and comfortable.  The care is professional and caring!!!  William is a jewel, even on the phone, but more so in person (CSI photographer) J.  The office(s) are always clean and neat.  I will definitely make referrals!!!

- James E. Washington

I could not be more pleased with my crown lengthening procedure care of Dr. Soolari. He was extremely helpful in explaining the procedure beforehand and answering all of my questions. His assistant was very kindto me and supportive when the procedure day rolled around, and he put me at ease. The procedure itself went smoothly and without any problems. By far the best part for me is that I experienced absolutely no painwhatsoever following the procedure. I did not need to take any pain medication! Thank you, Dr. Soolari, for a job very well done!

- Glenn Phillips

I had a significant and complex issue with a prior implant procedure that had to be repaired by Dr. Soolari. I have confidence in his ability to address this issue and highly recommend him. His office environment and staff are first rate.

- Ronald Baklarz

Surgical procedures were explained at every step, putting me at great ease. Given the seriousness of the surgery, there was very little discomfort. The results exceeded expectation.

Also I was very pleased at the approach of working to isolate and treat damaged area, opposed to just pulling teeth. Dr. Soolari and assistants were fantastic!

Charles Jones

Although the thought of seeing a Periodontist was uncomfortable I was put at ease the moment I arrived at the office. From the warm and kind reception I received when I first arrived to meeting and being treated by the kind and informative surgeon, all has been well. The staff has been very friendly, informative, professional and very good at what they do. I wouldn’t have waited so long to see a Periodontist had I known I would be taken care of so well. I would recommend Dr. Soolari’s office to anyone if I had the chance to. Thanks so much.

Ronald Caldwell

The diagnosis and surgery were performed with exceptional skill, expertise and attention to my comfort. Surgery Treatment.

John Guthrie

Dr. Soolari has performed gum surgery on mea couple of times and I have maintenance and cleaning every 3 or 4 months. In my opinion, he is a master, very knowledgeable and I am sure that he is the best in this area. Also his staff is very professional and a pleasure to do business with.

Jay Katzman

Dr. Soolari is a knowledgeable, caring and gentle professional. A true expert. He explains his procedures thoroughly, instilling the confidence to follow his wise counsel. His staff also is very helpful. They take the time necessary to treat their patients compassionately. Considering the pain I was experiencing when I was referred to Dr. Soolari and the progress I’ve made since, I think of him as something of a miracle worker.

Thanks Dr.,
 Rick Stack

I first came to Dr. Soolari three years ago when I had some major problems with my teeth. He replaced one tooth, and deep cleaned the rest. Since then he has under taken routine periodotal maintenance. The old problems have been resolved successfully and no new ones have appeared. Dr. Soolari is always courteous and explains what he going to do. I will continue to consult with Dr. Soolari.

- David Cantor

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